Know Your ‘Why’

Today, we’re experiencing more severe storms than ever before:

Today, we’re experiencing more severe storms than ever before:

  1. Annual inflation rates 7%
  2. Potential tax increases on the horizon
  3. Lingering COVID-19-related issues
  4. Russia’s war in Ukraine, and more

THE RESULT – High volatility in the stock market, combined with low interest rates and rising inflation, which is a threat to pre-retirees and retirees. In fact “The financial Armageddon for the retiree is a low-interest-rate environment and high inflation. It just doesn’t work.”

THE BIG QUESTION IS: How do you add stability and balance to your portfolio while increasing your liquidity and resiliency?

Many people don’t understand gold and silver and are made to believe they’re more complicated than they really are. But it can be simple. Before you decide whether gold and silver are right for you, it is important to consider your answers to three important questions:

  1. How will you solve the problem of rising costs combined with the low interest rates you earn on safe investments?
  2. Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle when the stock market and real estate bubbles burst?
  3. Are you concerned about unbridled government spending and growing national debt?

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Gold and Silver provides 'Wealth Insurance' to Reduce Risk

  1. True diversification and non-correlation with other asset classes.
  2. An inflation hedge to help maintain your buying power over time.
  3. Peace of mind that comes with the ability to continue your current lifestyle.
  4. Protects your wealth from the whims of the economy.
  5. Feel calm and prepared despite doom and gloom in the news.
  6. Not having to worry about the next “storm” that could negatively impact your retirement savings or your legacy.
  7. Better sleep at night knowing you’ve built safeguards into your portfolio.

From a strictly economic point of view, buying gold in a major inflation and holding it probably presents the least risk of capital loss of any investment or speculation. All you need to do is make gold and silver a small percentage of your portfolio. (approximately 15%-20% is ideal) Regardless of your current knowledge about tangible assets like gold and silver, with this guide you’ll see how simple and beneficial it can be to achieve true diversification in your portfolio. Set up a consultation here to discuss your situation.

Learn How to be Prepared

Do You Have a Set Plan or Strategy for the What If’s?

What if the Stock Market crashed?

The stock market has been in a tailspin, falling into bear market territory. Many experts warn this is merely the start. So… what are you going to do to protect your 401K, IRA or brokerage account?

Are you concerned about Long-term Care?

Are you concerned that LTC prices are becoming too expensive? That by the time you will need care it will be unaffordable. Is your only choice to stay healthy so you don’t need help dealing with chronic illnesses… Well, we have a great solution to the question – how.

Take control over your finances!

Women have faced many challenges when it comes to maintaining stability and retirement.

It’s time that you come first and think about how you are going to secure your finances to reach your goals.

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