Women & Finance

The 3 Truths and 2 Myths About Women’s Finances

Women and Finance


Truth #1: Women live longer; YOUR finances should COME FIRST

More women retire earlier so there is more pressure to make income last longer. You don’t want to the only option to be staying with kids or friends because your money ran out.

Truth #2: “Women are the binding glue”
Women have faced many challenges when it comes to maintaining stability & retirement. They are often the primary caregivers thus interrupting her career to care for children and parents. This means less time in the workforce and less money than men their same age. Learn the key to successfully maintaining your lifestyle through out the years.

Truth #3: Money Management Is a Skill, Not an Inherited Trait

Understand that under that rough exterior lives a farce… Both men and women lack inherited traits when it comes to money management. It is not too late to learn the four basics when it comes to money to achieve your personal goals.

What’s coming in (income)
what’s going out (expenses)
how much you own (assets)
how much you owe (debt)

The rest comes from these basics – ensuring risk reduction and stability throughout the years.
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Myth #1: It’s Better to Defer Money Management to the Men Your voice deserves to be heard and recognized when it comes to your money

Myth #2: His retirement consultant has your best interests in mind too!
Things to think about – where you included in the decisions? Is your partners health in a good place? Did you not chime in because you felt out of place or not great with numbers? Most couples are not prepared for long-term care of a spouse or loved one – are you? Most joint retirement plans pose stronger benefits for the one creating the plan.. where does that leave you?
Retirement Planning is Harder for Women

You need a safe space – Have the confidence to discuss your goals, reduce risk and enjoy your retirement.

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