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Statewide Retirement Planning Co. brings more than 18 years of experience in retirement income planning to our clients.
Martin Gross has been preparing families for their financial futures and is passionate because he wants them to move forward into retirement with confidence, without worry of running out money during the retirement that they worked so hard for.

Our team works with our clients by developing a relationship based on confidence and respect. We utilize a low-key, no-pressure, educational approach. We work hard, with our clients, to understand their current situation and work together, with them, to develop a plan enabling them to retire with confidence, knowing how all of their financial pieces fit together. This provides the peace of mind for them and their families to live out their retirement years confidently and without financial stress.


Here Are Some Things To Consider

  1. What is the inflation rate going to be?
  2. What is going to happen to social security? Will it be around for me?
  3. What about Medicare?
  4. Will I get sick and need assistance? – Statistics Say there is a 70% chance YOU WILL.
  5. Can I survive another major market downturn?
  6. Will I outlive my money?
  7. How much money do I want to leave to my beneficiaries?
  8. What about Taxes? What is the gov’t going to do?
  9. Where should I put my money to have the best chance to meet my objectives?
  10. Is Life Insurance Appropriate For Me? – You will be surprised. As us about the new kind of life insurance with lots of living benefits.
  11. When the time comes to bury me, who will make the arrangements and how will the funeral be paid for?



Learn How To Prepare Yourself For A Secure Retirement We Will Show You How

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