Financial Planning For Young People

Believe It Or Not – Your Financial Future Is Definitely Uncertain

Consider These Uncertainties: Here are some things to consider

  • What is inflation going to be?
  • What is going to happen to social security? Will it be around for me?
  • What about Medicare?
  • Will I get sick and need assistance? – Statistics Say You Will
  • Can I survive another major market downturn?
  • How will I pay for college for my kids?
  • How long does my money have to last? i.e. When will I die?
  • How much money can I leave to my kids?
  • What about Taxes? What is the gov’t going to do?
  • Where should I put my money?
  • Is Life Insurance Appropriate For Me? – You will be surprised
  • When the time comes to bury me, who will make the arrangements and how will the funeral be paid for

It Is Never Too Early To Plan For Your Future The Younger You Start Planning…

  • The happier and more confident your life will be
  • The better your chances of retiring to the good life not having to work at Walmart, Publix etc.
  • The easier it will be to pay for your child’s college education
  • The less money it will cost. i.e. You need time and $. The younger you are, the more time you have and hence the less $ needed.

Retire To The “Good Life” or Work – Your Choice – You Decide, You Are In Control

We Will Help You At No Cost To You. You Will Never Pay Us A Fee.

Planning for retirement is really hard. Take it from me a 73 yr old who had to do it the hard way. I have been a student of the retirement planning process for the last 10 years and have counseled 100’s of people just like you who thought that they had “NO MONEY” available to even think about planning for retirement. We can help show you the way.

You Have To Win BOTH of These Financial Battles or your future financial dreams will be destroyed.

  • Inflation Battle (The Silent Killer Tax)
  • Tax Battle (Taxes can Destroy Your Retirement)

If you don’t out earn inflation and minimize your taxes, chances are you will not be able to retire comfortably when you want to – Period.

Also, we all know that it’s not how much money you make or earn, but how much you keep. If you are not careful, TAXES WILL KILL YOU.

We help you to find money for you, that you may not realize that you have, so that you can save it for you, and improve your quality of life during your retirement years. And, You may not have to take any more $ out of your pocket than you do now.

We will show you how to accumulate money for your retirement, safely, guaranteed, and painlessly:

  • At market-like returns (interest rates)
  • You are Guaranteed never to lose principal or interest due to market fluctuations
  • You will never pay taxes on your gains (Based on current tax laws)
  • You will Not be controlled by the government or penalized if you want to use YOUR MONEY. You can use your money when you want to without taxes or penalties.

“The Best Retirement Plan Of The 21st Century”

If you think that your IRA or 401(k) is going to provide you a reliable way to save for your future, Think Again. –
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Call or email us for a 20-30 minute no-obligation, consultation. Don’t worry; there is nothing to buy, no fees, and no pressure. Education Only – No Sales – NO COST

Contact us and we will show you how you can minimize the effects of inflation and taxes so you can SAVE MORE TAX FREE $ FOR YOUR FUTURE.

A Quick word about the 401(k) – We have all been brainwashed into thinking that the 401(k) is the answer to our saving for our future dilema.

Fact: It is just the opposite. It is a terrible deal for us, great for the government.

The 401(k) Program is A Failure

Time Magazine recently said:
“The ugly truth is, the 401(k) is a lousy idea, a financial flop, and a rotten repository for our retirement reserves.”

CONTACT US for the details of why this is so and to develop a complementary no-obligation, customized retirement plan just for you. Your FREE, NO OBLIGATION CUSTOM RETIREMENT INCOME PLAN WITH YOUR NAME ON IT IS WAITING FOR YOU.

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Learn How To Prepare Yourself For A Secure Retirement We Will Show You How

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